Mental Health Awareness Week

How are you looking after your mental health? Would you find it helpful to talk to someone? It’s mental health awareness week & this year the campaign is around loneliness and steps to tackle this in our society. Why not get in touch if you’re feeling lonely today!


World Mental Health Day

It’s world mental health day and I’m writing this to help raise awareness of the impact of mental health. If you or your friend or your family member is struggling with mental health why not reach out for help today? It’s good to talk!

Mental health awareness week 2021

The theme for this week is nature and the environment. I enjoy getting out and about walking and seeing the plants and trees grow. How about you? How do you feel being outside in nature? It would be great to hear from you about the beneficial aspects of nature for mental health and wellbeing.

One year on…

One year on. We’ve read in the news this week about the loss and changes we have all endured. How was your year? How have you coped during this time? It would be great to hear from you. Counselling can provide you with a unique space to reflect and share your story. Why not get in touch for more information.


Spring is almost upon us! I love the lighter nights and more time to enjoy the fresh air. I love the hope of planting and seeing things grow. How are you growing through this season? Have you thought about your mental health recently? I look forward to hearing from you – please do get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Hopes for 2021

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Lonely? Afraid? Not how you imagined the year would begin? The pandemic continues to pose many challenges as we look ahead into 2021. Why not get in touch with me to see if counselling can help?

Open for business

I remain open for business with either telephone or video call counselling available – please do get in touch for me details! Don’t suffer in silence, it can often help by talking.

Looking after your mental health

Hello! I’m still adapting to new ways of working, living and looking after myself during this time – I hope you are finding ways to look after your mental health too?! I’m still offering telephone and video calls to those looking for support. Why not get in touch for more information today!